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TechScholar.Com - Program Terms & Conditions

Program Description

TechScholar.Com (TSC) develops and presents web based learning modules called Product Training Modules (PTMs) designed and written specifically to provide concise sales information to Sales Reps of technology related products and other categories of business and product sales as may be appropriate for the application.

PTMs are developed and launched on the TSC site in cooperation with and following approval by the PTM Sponsor and the Distributor/Dealer Affiliate and/or the PTM Sponsor acting as the TSC Access Provider.

PTMs are made available to authorized TSC users based on the Participation Eligibility below.

Participation Eligibility

The TSC website is open and available only to authorized employees or affiliates of either the Distributors/Dealer subscribers to the TSC Program, or the PTM sponsors who have contracted with TSC to provide a Campus for their specific products and services and who then become Access Providers to the application, or to participants who access specific PTMs as authorized by their employer and a specific PTM Sponsor that has authorized PTM access directly through the Log-In and program enrollment process and program participation procedures available on the website.

  • Distributor/Dealer Subscriber - Employee Participation

    Employees of the Distributor/Dealer Affiliates can access the specific TSC Campus (sub-domain) established for their Employer TSC Application either from a link authorized by and provided by their Employer, or via an Employer provided username and password.

  • PTM Sponsor - (Access Provider) Affiliate Participation

    Authorized users of a specific sponsors’ TSC Campus (sub-domain) [when that Sponsor is acting as a TSC Access Provider] can access the Access Providers Campus either from a link authorized by and provided to them by the Access Provider or via an Access Provider username and password that is sent to them for use on the Access Providers TSC Campus.

Direct Access Via the Website

The Distributor/Dealer Corporate subscribers or the Access Providers are responsible for providing authorization codes and access to their respective TSC Campus’.

PTM Availability

PTMs are made available on TSC Campus’s following approvals by all sponsoring parties and for as long as the PTMs are valid.

PTMs are de-activated from a Campus when they are no longer valid or are authorized for removal from the Campus by a Sponsor or Distributor/Dealer subscriber.

TSC retains the site usage participation, quiz scores and overall PTM usage data for PTMs that have been de-activated.

Personal Accounts

Participants authorized by their employers or other sponsors of the TSC program will automatically have a Personal Account established for them on their TSC Campus upon authenticated log-in, and/or account creation based on an authorized log-in.

Authorized users are provided with personal accounts that track and report on PTMs Available to Take, PTMs Completed, the Quiz score for each PTM completed and links and downloads activated while on the application. For selected Campus sponsors TSC tracks and provides standings within the specific Campus (when applicable) and may publish those standings on the Campus at the request of the Campus sponsor.

PTM completion credit and Quiz scores are retained in Personal Accounts even if the PTM has been de-activated from a participant’s Campus.

PTM Completion Credit

PTMs are credited to a Personal Account upon completion of the PTM and the Quiz associated with it.

Quizzes and Quiz Scoring

PTM Quiz’s are five multiple choice questions randomly drawn from a pool of eight or more questions. Each question has four potential answers and only one of the four answers is correct.

Incorrectly answered Quiz questions are re-displayed after the fifth question to allow subsequent attempts to obtain the correct answer. Participants have up to four opportunities to answer a question correctly

Quiz’s are scored based on the following scoring mechanism:

Correct Answer — First Attempt 20 Points
Correct Answer — Second Attempt 15 Points
Correct Answer — Third Attempt 10 Points
Correct Answer — Fourth (Final) Attempt 5 Points

There are potentially 100 Total points available for each Quiz (5 Questions — 20 Points each when correctly answering each question on the first attempt).

Quiz scoring mechanisms may change from time to time based on Campus host requests and requirements. Participants will be notified when and if there is a change in Quiz scoring, or when special Quiz contests or promotional programs are made available.

Company Standings and Rankings

Standings and rankings of personal performance within a specific TSC Campus are determined and posted based on criteria established by the sponsor of the Campus.

Promotions and Awards

TechScholar.Com (TSC) provides no program participation awards directly or indirectly.

Any performance based awards relating to TSC program participation and performance in the program are strictly limited to, authorized by and provided by third parties who may be sponsoring content on the TSC website and thereby are participating in the program.

TSC may publish and promote the Terms & Conditions of a promotion or contest but under those circumstances the Terms & Conditions of the specific award program will be established, administered and authorized by the third party and TSC will in any way be responsible for awards relating to participation in the TSC Program or the performance of an individual in that program, unless otherwise expressed directly by TSC to the contrary.

Terms and Conditions associated with any promotional program offered and/or provided through a TSC Campus will be posted on that Campus on behalf of and by the Promotion Sponsor.

Management Reports

TSC provides reports to Campus Sponsors and PTM Sponsors based on agreements and requirements between TSC and those Sponsors. Once a management report is released to the Campus Sponsor, TSC cannot control how those reports and the information contained in them is used by that Sponsor.

Privacy Policy and Site Usage Policy

Please see the Privacy Policy and Site Usage links for additional information regarding TSC policies.

Terms & Conditions — Revisions

Program Terms & Conditions are subject to revision from time-to-time at the discretion of TSC. Please review Terms & Conditions regularly.

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